The Build Cycle Podcast #002 - Feedback Sports’ Doug Hudson

February 22, 2017

Fresh out of college, Doug Hudson and a friend launched Chrome as a baggy mountain bike clothing brand. Nowadays, that brand's better known for their iconic messenger bags, which entered the line before Doug sold his share of the company and entered the corporate world. That didn't last long, though. His wife convinced him to stop talking about his idea for bike scales and just do it. Fast forward several years and Feedback Sports offers a complete range of bicycle repair and storage stands, a killer new line of tools and more.

We talk about how he funded the launch of Chrome when he was barely away from the University of Florida (and more interested in skiing, surfing and riding than working), what his work experience for others taught him about running a company, and how he's grown Feedback Sports through smart design and timely acquisitions of other brands and products.

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