The Build Cycle Podcast #036 - Kids Adventure Games

January 5, 2018

Wondering how to start an events business? It doesn't matter if you're running a tradeshow, a conference, a marathon, or a kids obstacle course race series, the fundamentals are the same. That last one is what Billy and Helen Mattison have done, building Kids Adventure Games into a national race series that's ripe for growth. In this episode, they share where the idea came from, the participation numbers they need to fill an event, where their revenue comes from, and how they've created an experience that surprises and delights kids and parents alike. That helps them fill future events with repeat customers and grow the event through the wonderful free marketing known as "word of mouth". It takes more than a great idea to run a successful event, though. We talk about venue selection, timing, staffing and more, giving you a solid foundation upon which to build your own killer event or series.

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