The Build Cycle Podcast #039 - Bearded Bros energy bars’ Caleb Simpson

February 22, 2018

So, you want to start a nutrition or supplement company?. After all, energy bars and healthy snack foods are exploding, right? Here's how the business really works, as told by someone who's been doing it for almost eight years, gained distribution in REI and Whole Foods, and built their own production kitchen.

Seeking healthier real food options to fuel their adventures, co-founders Caleb Simpson and Chris Herbert launched Bearded Brothers to offer energy bars made with real, whole foods and organic ingredients. In this interview, Caleb shares how they started, the challenges and opportunities of gaining national retail distribution, and their marketing tactics. Plus, why they're betting heavily on direct to consumer sales as a channel for growth. Which means there's a lot to learn, whether you're in the food or supplement industry or not.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #038 - Handup Gloves

January 30, 2018

Do you want to start an apparel or accessories brand? Or see how others are using social media to grow their brand and sales? Handup Gloves founder Cody Wallis tells us how he does both, along with tips and tactics to create the designs and get a finsihed product manufactured and delivered. He started the company just out of college and figured the numbers made sense, so what could possibly go wrong? Worst case, they'd be stuck with inventory in their living room and sell it off slowly. Fortunately, it's done much, much better than that. Here's his startup story!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #037 - The Sufferfest Founder David McQuillen

January 17, 2018

“The best entrepreneurial ideas are when someone solves their own problem and then realizes there are other people out there that have the same problem.”

Think about a product you use weekly, then think about every way you could make it better. Then figure out how you could turn that into a product even without a the budget. That’s exactly what David McQuillen did when he launched The Sufferfest, a digital download series of cycling trainer videos that’s grown into a streaming app with exclusive rights to UCI race footage and global audience. While he may have lucked into a better distribution method, he made something infinitely better than the alternatives of the time, and has continued to improve it to stay at the top of his game and remain relevant amongst a slew of new virtual and digital competition. Here’s his story, full of lessons for any entrepreneur!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #036 - Kids Adventure Games

January 5, 2018

Wondering how to start an events business? It doesn't matter if you're running a tradeshow, a conference, a marathon, or a kids obstacle course race series, the fundamentals are the same. That last one is what Billy and Helen Mattison have done, building Kids Adventure Games into a national race series that's ripe for growth. In this episode, they share where the idea came from, the participation numbers they need to fill an event, where their revenue comes from, and how they've created an experience that surprises and delights kids and parents alike. That helps them fill future events with repeat customers and grow the event through the wonderful free marketing known as "word of mouth". It takes more than a great idea to run a successful event, though. We talk about venue selection, timing, staffing and more, giving you a solid foundation upon which to build your own killer event or series.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #035 - Polartec CEO on Management & Leadership

January 2, 2018

As a founder, many of us start our companies solo, then bring on people to help. And that's where it can get tricky…we're idea people, right? Not managers. No one taught us how to do this. How do you manage people? Could you do it better? Is there a difference between managing 10 employees or 600? Gary Smith is CEO of Polartec, one of the world's largest technical fabric manufacturers. They supply to The North Face, Timberland, Eddie Bauer & virtually every other outdoor clothing brand. He's also owner of Independent Fabrication, a boutique custom bicycle brand. Between the two, he's managing completely different workforce types and sizes. In this episode, he tells us how he does it and provides lessons on leadership we can all put into practice immediately!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #034 - Content Strategy Tips w/ Blogs for Brands’ Yoon Kim

November 22, 2017

"It doesn't start with the content. It starts with the business goals."

If you're building a brand, you've almost certainly heard you that need a content marketing strategy, too. Which usually means a company blog, which means you need content to put on that blog. The more important question you should be asking yourself is "WHY do I need a content marketing strategy?"

In this week's episode, Blogs For Brands founder Yoon Kim helps us answer that, and provides strategies for developing the right kind of content marketing to increas sales and awareness, and other things to consider when planning your branded storytelling. We dive pretty deep, and I throw a lot of questions at him at once, but by the end of this podcast, you'll know how to develop your own content marketing strategy based on your goals and with performance metrics you can measure!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #033 - Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo

November 16, 2017

Do you ever wonder if other entrepreneurs are struggling with the same issues you are?

Daniel Galhardo launched Tenkara USA in 2009 and has grown it into the premiere brand of Japanese-style fly fishing rods through a combination of beautiful branding and aspirational marketing. But like every founder, he struggles with the same issues all entrepreneurs do. In this episode, we discuss how he's still figuring out his product cycle and management, hiring, and the ever vexing issue of how to delegate when you already know how to do it so well yourself.

We discuss how to keep things fresh when your products don't change every year, some of the ways we vet potential employees, as well as his startup story of finding manufacturers and launching the brand.

Like so many of us, he's figuring it out as he goes. One of my favorite quotes from this episode is: "I still treat my business as a learning opportunity. It's fun figuring things out, even if it's the hard way sometimes."

So, cast your attention this way and get ready to land some inspiration for running your own business better!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #032 - JensonUSA’s Mike Cachat

November 8, 2017

If you're going to start a business, it's hard to beat something that both fuels and funds your passions. Mike Cachat started JensonUSA in the most haphazard of ways, as a teenager, and against his father's wishes. Now it's one of the largest online bike shops in the world. His early startup methods are a little different than how we'd do it today, but his ingenuity is inspiring (and entertaining). This is a little bit longer episode, but I think you’ll enjoy it. If you want to jump past the startup story and straight to some modern day advice, skip to about 32 minutes in. You’ll lose a little context, but that’s we we start talking numbers, marketing and management. We discuss how he runs a massive business with tons of inventory and a huge payroll, plus how they market through social media, Google and affiliate programs. Consider this your crash course in running an online store with equal parts good advice and plenty of things you should definitely NOT do!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #031 - SEO Masterclass with Ezoic’s Tyler Bishop

October 26, 2017
And now for comething completely different!
A few episodes ago I promised something a little bit new and different, and here it is. Going forward, I’ll be mixing in subject matter experts to give us actionable tips and tactics we can use right away to improve our businesses! 
This week we start off with a bang, getting a masterclass in Search Engine Optimization from Ezoic’s marketer in chief Tyler Bishop. If you think SEO is as simple as using the right keywords, paying for links or its a total mystery, you’re in for a treat. I learned a TON, and I know you will too! Get ready to take notes, and be sure to stick around to the end for bonus info!
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The Build Cycle Podcast #030 - The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan

October 17, 2017

"Safe is not groundbreaking. Safe will not bring change to the world."

Phil Keoghan embodies the spirit of The Build Cycle in every way. He seeks out adventure, and he's an entrepreneur in the broadest sense of the word. Phil's launched television shows, written books, filmed a documentary, developed nutritional products, and so much more.

Originally I wanted Phil to talk about how he broke into television and hear any tips he has for anyone looking to create great content or get in front of the camera. And we talk about all that, but the biggest lessons in this episode center on his attitude of seeing No Opportunity Wasted. That's the mindset, but it's the execution that matters, and having a constant interest in learning and preparing puts him in the position to take advantage of any opportunity that comes his way.

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