The Build Cycle Podcast #018 - Tepui Tents founder Evan Currid

June 18, 2017

My favorite quote from this interview with Tepui Tents founder Evan Currid?

"Are we going to buy a house, or are we going to start this company?"

It's this mentality that makes things happen. Setting aside creature comforts, sleep, an easy day job, and other "sacrifices" barely seem like such when you're following a dream. Tepui was started with personal savings of $33,000 right after Evan and his wife married, and that question up above was the decision they had to make. Here's how that even became a consideration, and where they've gone from there to build the most well known North American brand in car roof-top tents!


The Build Cycle Podcast #017 - Competitor founder Bob Babbitt

June 8, 2017

It doesn't matter what type of business you want to build, strong partnerships will help you and and your industry grow. Competitor Magazine founder Bob Babbit used this strategy to amazing success, building not just his magazine but also launching a radio show, podcast, awards ceremony and events. All of which created an ecosystem that supported gear brands and their retailers, which in turn gave him more readers, listeners and participants.

There's some fascinating insight into the world of events here, but even if that and the media world aren't your interest, you'd be missing out to skip this episode! Easily one of my favorites so far!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #016 - Pure Cycles’ Michael Fishman

June 5, 2017

It's not just apps and websites kids are launching in college. Pure Cycles started up as an idea in the middle of a fall semester. By winter break, Michael Fishman and two friends had a container of bikes delivered and sold all of them before returning for spring semester. The best part? They did all that with just a few thousand bucks from personal savings! If you're launching a consumer product, Michael's thoughts on development, sourcing, sales and marketing will give you all the tools you need to get up and running fast!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #015 - Colorado Teardrops’ Dean Wiltshire

May 25, 2017

Want to travel the country, explore nature & have customers pay you to help with market research? That's the business Dean Wiltshire has built with Colorado Teardrops, a camper trailer manufacturer based in Boulder, Colorado.

He left a lucrative job in tech to start the company, which freed up his time to travel with his daughter. Thanks to his business skills, he's growing at a sustainable pace, controlling his retail sales experience, and is building the company off revenues. Listen in to see how he's done it and pick up advice for how to launch a consumer product, then head over to for show notes, photos and more!


The Build Cycle Podcast #014 - Beeline Bikes’ Peter Buhl

May 13, 2017

Why create a business when you could create a platform for others to build businesses upon? That's what Beeline Bikes' co-founder Peter Buhl did by launching their mobile bike repair vans as a franchise system. Originally conceived as a multi van operation around their home territory, they quickly figured out that the best way to scale was to bring in owner/operators and franchise the concept. Here's his story, which is full of great ideas for keeping your customers, whether they're franchisees or not, by treating them right and making their lives as easy as possible. For full show notes, links and more, check out!


The Build Cycle Podcast #013 - Mercury Cycle’s Chris Mogridge

May 5, 2017

Want to use alternative retail channels as a source of growth? Or take advantage of an industry downturn to save production costs? Those are two of the biggest takeaways from my interview with Chris Mogridge, founder of Mercury Cycles. Like previous podcast guest Boyd Johnson (of Boyd Cycles), Chris' company make bicycle wheels. But that's were the similarities end. Chris has taken a completely different route to market, and we talk a lot about two different business experiments that reinforce the lesson "fail fast" and move on. This one's got a lot to teach, hope you enjoy!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #012 - Altra Running’s Golden Harper

May 2, 2017

Wonder why things are the way they are? Why brands settle for the status quo when there's obviously a better way? That's what Altra Running founder Golden Harper thought as he hacked and modified his running store customers' shoes to alleviate all types of pains. After selling thousands of altered shoes, he figured there was a market for foot-shaped, zero drop shoes, but Nike, adidas, nor any of the other big brands were interested in the tech. So he launched it himself, bringing key friends and angels on board to get the first production run going, then sold the entire copmany before the first shoe ever delivered. There are a ton of lessons here for anyone that things they've found a better way to do something!


The Build Cycle Podcast #011 -Chasing Epic’s Steve Mokan

April 12, 2017

If you want to start a tour or guide company, this episode is for you! Founder Steve Mokan's exposure to adventure travel came from his side gig as a photographer for gear brands and ski resorts, so he took the things he liked from those experiences and created Chasing Epic. As a mountain bike tour group leader, he's taken a unique approach to bringing a team together, using existing guides to streamline the startup process and working with brands to ensure his customers have all the gear they need for a stellar riding vacation. As a bonus, he's pretty good at taking pics of them while riding, so everyone goes home looking and feeling like a pro with the pics to prove it!


The Build Cycle Podcast #010 -Kogel Bearings’ Ard Kessels

April 6, 2017

Curious how to launch and grow a company while living abroad? Or how to create a product using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom machined parts? Ard Kessels is doing all of that with Kogel Bearings, a high end ceramic bearing brand for bicycles, and he's selling the very expensive upgrades through a combination of strategic athlete sponsorship and educational story telling. Get ready to spin out some notes as you hear his startup story, and check out the show notes, photos and more at!


The Build Cycle Podcast #009 - Peaks Coaching Group’s Hunter Allen

March 28, 2017

Think you're a subject matter expert and want to coach, train or mentor others? Hunter Allen has been there, done that, offering 1-on-1 personal coaching for pro athletes, managing a team of coaches to train the masses, and co-founded TrainingPeaks, one of the top online/cloud based training programs. He share his #startup story, plus tons of great strategies for builidng your own systems. Whether you want to coach athletes, entrepreneurs or anyone else, you'll learn how to build a business larger than yourself by making it easy for others.