The Build Cycle Podcast #034 - Content Strategy Tips w/ Blogs for Brands’ Yoon Kim

November 22, 2017

"It doesn't start with the content. It starts with the business goals."

If you're building a brand, you've almost certainly heard you that need a content marketing strategy, too. Which usually means a company blog, which means you need content to put on that blog. The more important question you should be asking yourself is "WHY do I need a content marketing strategy?"

In this week's episode, Blogs For Brands founder Yoon Kim helps us answer that, and provides strategies for developing the right kind of content marketing to increas sales and awareness, and other things to consider when planning your branded storytelling. We dive pretty deep, and I throw a lot of questions at him at once, but by the end of this podcast, you'll know how to develop your own content marketing strategy based on your goals and with performance metrics you can measure!

Find more actionable advice on content marketing on this episode's blog post, plus links to the tools Yoon mentions, photos and more!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #033 - Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo

November 16, 2017

Do you ever wonder if other entrepreneurs are struggling with the same issues you are?

Daniel Galhardo launched Tenkara USA in 2009 and has grown it into the premiere brand of Japanese-style fly fishing rods through a combination of beautiful branding and aspirational marketing. But like every founder, he struggles with the same issues all entrepreneurs do. In this episode, we discuss how he's still figuring out his product cycle and management, hiring, and the ever vexing issue of how to delegate when you already know how to do it so well yourself.

We discuss how to keep things fresh when your products don't change every year, some of the ways we vet potential employees, as well as his startup story of finding manufacturers and launching the brand.

Like so many of us, he's figuring it out as he goes. One of my favorite quotes from this episode is: "I still treat my business as a learning opportunity. It's fun figuring things out, even if it's the hard way sometimes."

So, cast your attention this way and get ready to land some inspiration for running your own business better!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #032 - JensonUSA’s Mike Cachat

November 8, 2017

If you're going to start a business, it's hard to beat something that both fuels and funds your passions. Mike Cachat started JensonUSA in the most haphazard of ways, as a teenager, and against his father's wishes. Now it's one of the largest online bike shops in the world. His early startup methods are a little different than how we'd do it today, but his ingenuity is inspiring (and entertaining). This is a little bit longer episode, but I think you’ll enjoy it. If you want to jump past the startup story and straight to some modern day advice, skip to about 32 minutes in. You’ll lose a little context, but that’s we we start talking numbers, marketing and management. We discuss how he runs a massive business with tons of inventory and a huge payroll, plus how they market through social media, Google and affiliate programs. Consider this your crash course in running an online store with equal parts good advice and plenty of things you should definitely NOT do!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #031 - SEO Masterclass with Ezoic’s Tyler Bishop

October 26, 2017
And now for comething completely different!
A few episodes ago I promised something a little bit new and different, and here it is. Going forward, I’ll be mixing in subject matter experts to give us actionable tips and tactics we can use right away to improve our businesses! 
This week we start off with a bang, getting a masterclass in Search Engine Optimization from Ezoic’s marketer in chief Tyler Bishop. If you think SEO is as simple as using the right keywords, paying for links or its a total mystery, you’re in for a treat. I learned a TON, and I know you will too! Get ready to take notes, and be sure to stick around to the end for bonus info!
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The Build Cycle Podcast #030 - The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan

October 17, 2017

"Safe is not groundbreaking. Safe will not bring change to the world."

Phil Keoghan embodies the spirit of The Build Cycle in every way. He seeks out adventure, and he's an entrepreneur in the broadest sense of the word. Phil's launched television shows, written books, filmed a documentary, developed nutritional products, and so much more.

Originally I wanted Phil to talk about how he broke into television and hear any tips he has for anyone looking to create great content or get in front of the camera. And we talk about all that, but the biggest lessons in this episode center on his attitude of seeing No Opportunity Wasted. That's the mindset, but it's the execution that matters, and having a constant interest in learning and preparing puts him in the position to take advantage of any opportunity that comes his way.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #029 - Floyd’s of Leadville founder Floyd Landis

October 11, 2017

Quick background: In 2006, Floyd Landis won the Tour de France. Seventy two hours later, he was stripped of that title, then spent years fighting doping allegations in the courts at a huge emotional and financial cost. Fast forward 10 years and he's shrugged it all off to launch Floyd's of Leadville, a hemp-product brand of capsules, tinctures and other products that eschew THC for the legal ingredient CBD oil. It's a far more expensive ingredient, but it's legal in all 50 states, and believers say it provides all of the pain relief benefits of smoking marijuana (or more, even) without getting you high. As the medical establishment creeps all-too-slowly toward this natural alternative to addictive opioids, entrepreneurs like Floyd are pushing forward with their own products.

Besides being a cyclist, my interest here is how he bounced back from a very dark time, what could easily equate to failing at a first business attempt, and moving forward in a progressive if not questionable industry that's heavy on regulation. What made Floyd want to launch a "marijuana" business? It's all here in this amazing interview with former pro cyclist Floyd Landis!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #028 - BOA founder Gary Hammerslag

October 6, 2017

Ultimately, this story is about making a better mousetrap. After seeing people struggle with lacing systems, BOA founder Gary Hammerslag used his experience in medical device wires to fashion a mechanical wire-and-real closure system that allowed for uniform, consistent fit. Two things are important here: First, consumers weren't thinking they needed something better. Second, Gary didn't try to devise a better way of lacing up winter boots, he came up with something entirely new, different and better. He saw a problem for which a solution wasn't even being considered, which means opportunity. The challenge, then, wasn't just to create a solution, but figure out how he could bring it to market. And therein lie some of the key lessons in this episode - Gary talks about working with OEM partners, preserving capital, and marketing to two different audiences.


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The Build Cycle Podcast #027 - Mystery Ranch founder Dana Gleason

September 28, 2017

As the founder of iconic brands like Dana Designs, Mojo Systems and now Mystery Ranch, Dana Gleason has been making bags, packs and outdoor gear for four decades. Yet, he’s stayed on top of the game with continuous innovation. Sometimes, that required a complete relaunch as a new brand, but his successful track record made me wonder: How does he keep adapting to changing needs, the changing retail landscape, and changing consumer habits? It’s all here in this incredible episode, featuring my most charismatic guest yet. We cover domestic versus Asian manufacturing, quality control, the different types of customers,   and who to watch out for, and when to fire your dealers altogether. As he puts it, “Engage in the careful selection of customers”. Get ready for a roller coaster of an episode!

Key topics:

  • Product strategy
  • Development and manufacturing
  • Retail strategy
  • Business growth
  • Customer selection

For complete show notes and time stamps, plus photos of Dana and his packs, head over to!


The Build Cycle Podcast #026 - Outside Van Founder Erik Ekman

September 14, 2017

"Failures are just opportunities for growth. They're not mistakes, they're expenses. You're out of business when you can't afford your mistakes.”

Erik Ekman is the founder of Outside Van, an Oregon-based manufacturer of full custom, adventure-ready Sprinter vans. This is one of my shorter interviews, but it’s packed with great advice on how to run a company that attracts deep talent and does amazing work. Erik and I are both mountain bikers, so there are a few cycling references in here, but most it's just killer advice on how to create a company that's pushing boundaries while selling a premium product. The quote above is one of my favorites and sums up his fast moving, experimental management style. And with that, please enjoy episode 26 of The Build Cycle Podcast!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #025 - Framebuilding Legend Carl Strong

September 7, 2017

Doesn't matter if you do anything related to bicycles, Carl Strong has lessons that'll help every entrepreneur start and run a successful, profitable business.

Carl is legend within the custom bicycle frame building industry for good reason - he leads seminars, coaches younger builders, and most importantly, leads an industry in running his business as a real business, not a passion play. That’s a mistake so many entrepreneurs make. Sometimes, that allows for a great lifestyle business, but if you want to build a real company that’s highly profitable and capable of growing, Carl’s two decades of lessons are distilled into this episode. On top of that, he’s launching a new, ready-made brand of carbon fiber bikes with a partner, which will focus on limited runs of a single model at a time. And it’ll be high end, which caters to a customer that’s not arguing over price, which lets them focus on building something great. Those discussions on pricing, value systems, and determining your real bottom line are pure gold!

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