The Build Cycle Podcast #025 - Framebuilding Legend Carl Strong

September 7, 2017

Doesn't matter if you do anything related to bicycles, Carl Strong has lessons that'll help every entrepreneur start and run a successful, profitable business.

Carl is legend within the custom bicycle frame building industry for good reason - he leads seminars, coaches younger builders, and most importantly, leads an industry in running his business as a real business, not a passion play. That’s a mistake so many entrepreneurs make. Sometimes, that allows for a great lifestyle business, but if you want to build a real company that’s highly profitable and capable of growing, Carl’s two decades of lessons are distilled into this episode. On top of that, he’s launching a new, ready-made brand of carbon fiber bikes with a partner, which will focus on limited runs of a single model at a time. And it’ll be high end, which caters to a customer that’s not arguing over price, which lets them focus on building something great. Those discussions on pricing, value systems, and determining your real bottom line are pure gold!

I took a ton of notes on this episode, check them out here with photos and more. And be sure to leave a rating and review whereever you listen to podcasts! Thanks!


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